My entry for Australia Infront Visual Response initiative, the theme is native. I re-appropriate the elements in the Australian coat of arms in this illustration to make this piece with the flora, fauna, and sport that is native to Australia.
Illustration, Typography
Visual Response 06 'Native' Entry
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    Visual Response 06 Entry
  • This is my illustrative entry for the Visual Response initiative by the people at Australia Infront. It is on its 6th year now, and it's a platform for people in the creative industry here to let their hair down and try something new. My inspiration is as simple the Australian coat of arms which depicts an Emu and a Kangaroo, and just go from there. Worked with sketching and photoshop which I normally avoid in the past. 

    The brief is to interpret the word 'Native' so I re-appropriate elements within the coat of arms to make the composition for this piece. It depicts the flora, fauna, and sport that is native to Australia. 

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  • Initial sketch
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