Sindo Media Branding

In 2011 the company I was working with owns Seputar Indonesia (Sindo), which is one of the leading newspaper in the country. To cement their position as "the most trusted source for reference" they would launch among other things their own television channel, radio station, and online news portal. Being the in house designer at the time I was involved in the design of the branding and the implementation of the brand across the many mediums that it would cover along with our creative team. 

This is the final approved branding for the Sindo Media.

MNC Promo Team
Creative Director : Nanang Gani
Group Head : Arman Diantoro
Producer : Zainal Irwan
Brand Designer :     Bobby Haiqalsyah
Graphic Designer : Martin 'Gendel' Adam
Donny Istiawan
Motion Designer :   Armand Pranoto
Motion Design by : Armand Pranoto/ Ruang Sempurna

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