I was commissioned to design some graphic art for the #loveisinyourblood campaign for LYNX® and Red Cross Australia. In time with the release of Lynx Peace in Australia, Lynx and Red Cross launched the biggest blood drive ever targeting young men to donate titled 'love is in your blood'. Young men are the donors that are least likely to give blood on an ongoing basis, to make a pledge and see where their mobile blood donor centre is going to be visit their website. So roll up your sleeves and give a bit of love 

Agency Soap Creative Sydney + Jacky Winter Group, Art Direction Ashadi Hopper
Promotional Poster
Everyone could download the illustration for their wallpaper and social media channels to show support to the cause, you can download these for your facebook, twitter and google plus profiles on the website
Each person who donate blood will recive a complimentary sleeve band to show that they have supported the cause and donated some blood to the Australian Red Cross

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