I was commissioned to create a licensed artwork by T-World for Radio Velvet to commemorate the release of the Avengers Movie. Featuring the tools of the trade of the founding superhero of Avengers; Hulk's fist, Thor's hammer, Cap's Shield, Iron Man's suit & technology. Art Direction by Eddie Zammitt Shirts are available whiles stocks lasts
Pencil Illustration for the branding on the Rock Bare Wild Vines range. Commissioned by Under One Roof Agency, AD by Jessica Wright, AM by Angel Lewis.
Debussy is a figure in French music and this wine company named themselves after the great man and I was commissioned to design a crest for their branding. We researched the traditional visual language of French and other European crests, AD by Jess Wright and AM by Angel Lewis of Under One Roof Agency
I was commissioned by Etiqe performance wear to create a custom hanger for their line and integrate that graphic can go on to their hoodies. Vector illustration for screen printing and laser cut.
Private piece created in anticipation of the release of Kingdom Hearts 3
For the launch of their new range of Solve it Yourself series around the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes for British publisher Carlton books. Order book here 
I was privately commissioned by my client to illustrate her partner's motorcycle for his birthday present. 100% vector 
Various Automotive Illustration
Famous and well established vector (hero) artist Hydro74 opened up his instagram to collaborate with any of his willing followers. This was my attempt combining traditional mask and batik pattern from Indonesia. 

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